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Privacy Policy

We value your privacy a lot. To protect your privacy, we supply this notice that explains our online information practices and choices that you people can make about the ways your information are stored and used by us. So as to make it easy for you to find this notice, it has been made available on every pages at the bottom wherever the personal identification seem to be requested.

What We Collect

We collect different user registration details that you submit in the afunfact website. Different Personal information we may collect at pages where you require to register are:

Website URL
Email Address
Optional description

How We Use Information

We may use the information that you’ve provided for managing our comment feeds and subscription. We may need to contact you through the details that you provide us. However, we assure you that we do not share any of your details with third parties.

We also use your email address to answer the email that you post to us.

We may however utilize the information about your signups to aggregate the information (non-identifying ones) to design our website and share with our advertisers. This may include the details about your gender, age, or anything that sums up everyone who register at our site. But, we don’t disclose anything that might be used to identify you individually.

Finally, we do not use or share any of your personal identification information that you provide on our site in any way to prohibit illegal uses.

Data Security

We always seek for genuine, legal and authorized access in our site. This is why we use several managerial, physical and electronic procedures to secure and safeguard the information that we collect from people who register at our site.


We don’t own the images used in our site. All of the images used in our site are not credited to Anyone who has copyright access to those media and wants them to be removed or credited to can contact us.

Children’s Privacy

We don’t provide any information that could value people who are under the age of 13. As we value the privacy of young ones, we never collect information or maintain them from those who we get to know are below the age of 13.

Accessing Your Information

You can always opt for correcting your information that we provide at our website by sending us a request pointing out the error.

To protect your security and maintain your privacy, we take reasonable steps at verifying your identify so that we can grant you access at correcting your details.


We may use third-party advertisers who serve ads relevant to the content or anything which might appear after you visit our website. These companies can keep details about your visits ( not including any of your name, address, email, or contacts) to provide advertisements regarding the services as per your interest.



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