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Top 10 Largest Beaches In The World


Top 10 Largest Beaches In The World

Of course, you can hang out on the beach in your bikini, walk along a boardwalk, go for a swim or ride the waves surfing. Or, you can go for a very, very, very long walk. Here is our list of the  top ten largest beaches in the world.


10. Stockton Beach, Australia

Stockton Beach Australia

Stockton Beach, Australia, Aerial View.

Not only is this beach extremely long (at almost 20 miles long) it’s also one of the widest beaches in the world. Stockton Beach has the fastest moving sand dunes in the world and is a popular place for dune surfers, 4-wheel driving and surfers to hand out at.


9. Muizenberg, South Africa

Muizenberg, South Africa

Beach – Muizenberg, South Africa

This stunning beach is roughly 25-miles long is located in The town of Muizenberg which is a suburb of Cape Town. The beach curves around to nearby False Bay. where, there have been enormous shark sightings and shark attacks in the past. Rock climbers love to visit the beach for some challenging cliff climbing.


8. Long Beach, Washington

long beach washington

Long Beach, Washington

This beach in Washington is one of the biggest beaches in the US at 28 miles long. Often claiming to be the largest beach in the world, but only makes our number 8 spot on the largest beaches in the world. Long Beach is a popular place for kite enthusiasts to go due to the Washington State International Kite Festival.


7. Virginia Beach, Virginia

virginia beach

Virginia Beach

Virginia has a whopping 35 miles of beaches and many tourists to show for it. It’s is also known as “the longest pleasure beach in the world” thanks to the Guiness Book of Records. . It is located at the southern end of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, the longest bridge-tunnel complex in the world.

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