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Top 10 Most Unusual Pictures of All Time


Top 10 Most Unusual Pictures of All Time

There are these weird and unusual pictures all over the internet which are unexplainable and shocking in every sense. Some of them have different theories concluded by different specialists and people but others remain a mystery to this date. With the kind of technology and resources that we have today, it is hard to imagine that a simple picture would go unexplained but there are a quite few out there, lying in the history, waiting for a conclusion.

Below are the top 10 unexplained and most unusual pictures of all time.


10. The Woman in the Brown Coat


The woman standing alongside the car was very close to the incident when President JFK was assassinated. After this unusual picture was found by FBI, they did everything they could to find this woman but failed. She could have given some useful information about what exactly happened that day. She later was called “The Babushka Lady” by the FBI and they never could track her down to this date.


9. Sea Monster


In December, 1964, Le Serrec’s wife spotted this sea monster in a picture his husband took in Hook Island, Queensland. It was a tadpole-like creature roaming around the sea where they were boating. Being curious, they decided to go underwater and film it as they suspected it not to be dangerous because it didn’t make any hasty moves. So going underwater, they found the creature which was still at one place. They thought it might be dead so they tried to move closer but as they did, the creature made movements towards them and opened up its huge mouth to attack them. They hurriedly came back to the boat and never returned. And to this date, the creature is unidentified.


8. Solway Firth Astronaut


This is a photo of Jim Templeton’s daughter that he took on a random day while they were out enjoying. Jim remembers that there wasn’t anyone behind the photo when he took it but when the picture came after developing the film, there appeared an astronaut in the picture which was weird. He went to Kodak to check if the film was altered to find out that it wasn’t.


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