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Top 10 Oldest Ancient Civilizations in the World


Top 10 Oldest Ancient Civilizations in the World

We begin our days on internet and with it, we go to bed. A considerable chunk of our life, we spend on Facebook. Someone once said “We live in the world of smart phones and stupid people.” The viewpoints about the saying may differ but we all can at least agree upon the fact that we wake up with the sound of smart phones and just before bed too we are living on them. Televisions seem to have lost their appeal since a long time back. It could be argued that there are many places in the world where even the fundamental needs are not met, let alone those internet and smartphones. But what I’m trying to suggest is that wherever these things have reached, it seems like they’ve been there for ages. For most, it’s hard to imagine the world without all those technologies and gadgets.

But obviously, it was not like this all the time. Everybody knows that. There were times when human beings didn’t even know how to cook, they wandered around in jungles like nomads, hunting animals and devouring their raw flesh. At one point, they learnt how to make fire and started to eat after cooking. Now, look around! There are all those kinds of things like microwaves, gasstoves, air fryers. Well, the list goes on and on.

Would it have been possible to live in today’s affluence had not been for those wild humans and their innovations ages ago? Of course not. Humans have continuously fought with difficulties, discovered solutions for them and thought of something new all along the course of history. An era has always heralded for a new era with better conditions and wealthier resources. During the course of history, there have been communities, often in the scale of nation or state, having similar language, tradition, culture and understanding. Those forms of organization, have been termed as ‘civilization’. In the history of mankind, many civilizations have existed, at different phase and area. The earliest of human civilizations are remembered as ancient civilizations. Here is an attempt to remember the ten finest ancient civilizations, selected based upon their place in overall history of mankind and their impact on future generations.

10. The Aroi Sun Kingdom of the Pacific

The Aroi Sun Kingdom of the Pacific- oldest ancient civilization in the worldThis civilization prospered in the area around Pacific. Historical evidences suggest the civilization to have occurred near the countries of modern day Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia. The Aroi seemingly built many pyramids, platforms, arches, roads and statues throughout the central Pacific. One of the remarkable things about this civilization is that the Polynesians of New Zealand, Easter Island, Hawaii and Tahiti today all believe that their ancestors had the ability of flight and would travel through the air from island to island.

9. Ancient Ethiopia And Israel

Ancient Ethiopia And Israel- oldest ancient civilization in the worldThis civilization, one of the oldest ones, existed around the lands of today’s Ethiopia and Israel. From ancient texts such as the Bible and the Ethiopian book Kebra Negast, we have tales of the high technology of ancient Ethiopia and Israel. This is evidenced by the temple located on Jerusalem. The 3-giant block of ashlars in the temple is similar to the stone found in Ba’albek, Lebanon. The two important legacies of this civilization are the revered Temple of Solomon and Muslim Dome of the Rock mosque, whose foundations however reach back to the Osirian civilization.

8. Ancient China

Ancient China- oldest ancient civlizationAncient China, known as Han China, is another remarkable ancient civilization. The ancient Chinese are known for their sky-chariots, their geomancy, and the emerald manufacture that they shared with the Mayas. The ancient histories of the Chinese and the Mayas seem lastingly linked. It is reflected through Taoist influences coming to Central America whose Shang dynasty symbols and motifs (the yin-yang being the most famous) have similarities to well-known Mayan art and sculpture. The ancient Chinese are also understood to be the originators of many invention from toilet paper, earthquake detectors, paper money, canons, rocket technology, printing methods, and thousands of other adroit and high-tech items.

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